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Floor Screeding

This website is the resource site for all things to do with floor screed and floor screeding including screed articles and screed tips.

The site includes articles on floor screed including articles explaining what levelling screeds are and how to get the best results if you are installing floor screed and what to do if you have any defects with your screed which has been installed.

There is also helpful information on how to mix your screed on site and after you have completed the screeding of your floor how you should protect the floor screed after it has been laid to avoid it being damaged before installing your final floor finishes.

Understand Floor Screeding

There are also diagrams showing the types of floor build up where floor screeding is regularly used with the most common screed designs being

  • Bonded screed
  • Unbonded screed
  • Floating screed
  • Underfloor heating screed

Please view the videos below which are the perfect videos to get you started with the world of screed. All the typical issues are raised. Underfloor heating screed is a very common scenario, these videos detail the effective procedures that your contractor should be using when screeding on UFH systems.

There is also a video on the site showing the loading of a screed pump which will give you an idea what to expect when employing a screeding contractor to install your floor screed.

If you are unable to find the information you need regarding floor screeding; screed types, including fast drying options; or need further help with your screed please do not hesitate to contact us using the Contact Form.

Update Nov 2013

We Have a New Family Member - The Screed Apprentice

As well as basic resources on sreeding and information to help planners, architects and just about everyone else connected with floor screeding, we have a new initiative around our new family member "The Screed Apprentice" Find out more.