Cementitious levelling screeds are designed to provide a level surface in which to apply carpet, tiles, natural stone, linoleum, wood flooring, etc. and do not serve as a wearing course for direct traffic.

Generally these are laid to SR1, SR2 and SR3 in compliance with BS8204 1 2003. SR1 is the highest quality and is usually achieved by applying a smoothing levelling compound to accommodate thin sheet flooring finishes at an additional cost.

This document is designed to help you understand the requirement for temporary screed protection to achieve best possible performance of the chosen system. Lack of protection will result in wear to the integrity of the screed, particularly at an early stage (whilst green) and will continue to breakdown over time. Direct impact to the screed surface will also result in localised damage. Failure to provide protection will affect the performance of the screed and void any warranty agreements in place.

There often appears to be confusion in data provided for the trafficking of cementitious levelling floor screeds and we confirm that generally after 24-48 hours, light foot traffic can proceed but there would still be a requirement for protection to stop direct wear and impact damage. Some modified screeds can be trafficked sooner and refer back to specific data sheets provided by the manufacturers.

Most levelling screeds, whether standard or fast drying, will not reach final strength until 28 days has expired in usual circumstances. Point loadings and substrate conditions should always be considered and recommend that any heavy loading requirement should be calculatedby qualified structural engineers.

It is therefore very important that the protection is considered and whom will be responsible to install such protection. It is also important to ensure the protection is maintained until final finishes are installed. Care should be taken as to the expected traffic in order to choose the most appropriate solution.

The floor screeding protection products we supply are environmentally friendly, recyclable and flame retardant options are available.

If you have any questions or require any further information regarding protecting your screed please do not hesitate to contact us.

When a newly installed screed has an isolated area that is crumbling, what are your first thoughts of the cause?

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