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The Screed Scientist website is great for expanding your screeding knowledge. And this month nearly 6000 visitors used it to help them with their projects. Some of our most popular articles have been related to Underfloor heating with many of our readers looking for detailed information on how to make sure that their underfloor heating will be laid to the highest spec.

1. The Difference Between Concrete and Screed

These terms can be confusing as many trades will use them interchangeably. Although their base materials may be the same, the difference in properties between these two materials is determined through variations in mixture and proportions. Knowing why these differences matter will help you understand what makes a solid foundation for your floor.

Read the article: The Difference between Concrete and Screed

2. Optimum Drying Times for UnderFloor Screeds

The choice of screed you use with underfoor heating will affect the depths, drying times, reinforcement and insulation required to make an efficient system. This article will guide you through the pros and cons of each.
Read the article: Optimum Drying times for UnderFloor Screeds

3. Install Rigid Floor Insulation

Preparing the floor to receive rigid floor insulation requires attention to detail to ensure adequate contact and coverage. Many of our readers are using this article as a primer for this task.

Read the article: Install Rigid Floor Insulation

4. How Important is it to Assess the Moisture Content in Screed

In our opinion very! Too many screeding failures are caused by assuming the screed is dry. This article will help you assess how to tell if your screed is ready.
Read the article: How important is it to assess the Moisture content in Screed

5. Floor Screeding

Floor screed right and wrong

This is our most popular information page, getting nearly 50% of all page views. It’s a great overview of types of screed and screed care. We think that this is a great starting point for building up your screed knowledge.
Read the article: Floor Screeding

If you’ve found these articles informative, we think you’ll really enjoy reading our guide to Screed Testing. Download it here and find out more about the ultimate way to get perfect screed.



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