Who is The Screed Scientist®?

Just take a look at the little guy pictured below. He is almost perfect. He knows everything about screed. Get him to whip up the perfect screed mix or ask him the importance of forced action mix – he is not one to get caught with a dry joint. He is an expert at making sure day joints are made in the perfect places where they can not be seen. And he knows all the health and safety policies from cover to cover! Gosh, is he for real?

He passed all our tests. His psychometric profile was an amazing fit. What a perfect guy! We were patting ourselves on the back, quite pleased with ourselves, when it happened – it turned up through our social media monitoring that his credentials might be questionable. We had thought he was related to Bob the Builder. So we dug more into facebook and finally discovered that he in fact was a builder – but of the “general” category!

It was then we took a closer look at his shape. We were gutted! This chap did talk the talk, but did not quite walk the walk! Though he might be happy to lay floor screed, from the looks of him, didn’t he look like the kind who would rather have an easier life putting up some coving? An ordinary brickies trowel! No, not the chap for us! Our guy has to be someone with mettle!

So, after a few pints down the local, we decided to pick ourselves up and give it another go. We wanted the perfect person, guy or girl (please note our non discriminatory policies, we don’t care what colour, sex or religion our trowels are) to represent our industry training efforts.

We set to work again. And, lo and behold, there walking in through the door was our man! The real Steven Screedberg!


He had it all- the celebrity “A-list” look, the well worked-out physique, perfect grasp of industry news and the ability to shoulder 10 tonnes an hour – the perfect physical specimen – the real deal in term of trowels. And, before we knew it Mr Screedberg had taken over as the face for our Screed Scientist.

Now, if you are wondering if there is a real voice behind this face, yes, there is. The real guy is Spencer Warner, the authority on screeding, a real industry expert who can tell you the A to Z of screeding.

We have been preparing the ‘Screed Scientist’ for a couple of years now. We wanted a way to educate the market, our staff, partners and clients. There is in fact no reason why floor screeding projects should fail. Most of it is common sense. All one needs to do is pay more attention to the little details and not just skip through instructions. And with a little more care, one can even help in a big way in keeping the carbon emissions low and practice sustainable methods without compromising on quality or economy.

But to get this all across, we decided we needed an interactive platform, and that was how ‘ The Screed Scientist’ was born. From now, he will be right here to answer all your questions, doubts and queries about screeding and help you with little tips; hints and techniques to make your screed projects go tickety boo.

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