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We would love to talk about our favorite subject and share what we know with you.

Before we tell you who we are, let us tell you why this website exists.

We have been in the floor screeding business for over 20 years. For us, screeding has always been a passion and we have always strived to ensure every project we undertake is delivered with utmost perfection. However, over these twenty years we have come to notice that no matter how immaculately a project is carried out, or who undertakes it, the little problems, issues and snags just seem to remain an inevitable part of the whole parcel. Delays, cost overruns – it’s been the same old problems; year after year; over and over again. And added to it – the growing concern about environmental impact that we have always pretended was somebody else’s business.

We decided, we have seen it all and we even know why most of it happens. But we continue to let it happen when the wealth of knowledge we have can actually make a difference. It was when we thought, “Enough is Enough!” It is time we shook away this passiveness, and did something in the light of what we have learned while clambering up the rungs of the industry. We created the Screed Scientist and the in an attempt to help educate the industry and share our knowledge with our customers, clients, suppliers, partners and yes, even our competitors. Everyone is welcome to participate and share their views on this platform.

We are not going to hide we are a commercial organization or that we will definitely be happy to benefit from some good PR whilst sharing what we know with you. And, if you have something to add, we could even give you some PR in return!

Now this is who we are and how you can contact us:

CSC Screeding Ltd
229 Berwick Avenue

Please call us or email us at:
Tel: 0845 500 4055 or 0330 223 2364


For us at CSC, screeding is not just a profession, it is a passion.