Standard steps for washing a screed pump

As important as the use of the screed pump is it’s cleaning and maintenance. Given below are the standard steps to be followed in washing a screed pump.

Washing the screed pump

  1. Place the discharge tripod with the screed pipe still connected into a skip or designated wash out facility.
  2. Place a protective polythene layer around the tripod to contain water and grout splashing when its discharged.
  3. Fill the mixing vessel with water whilst it’s running and leave the blades turning.
  4. Once its full, you can now discharge the water. Ensure that somebody is holding the tripod whilst discharging.
  5. The pump can now be switched off, blades disengaged, air relief valve opened to ensure any compressed air is released.
  6. Remove the screed pipe at the outlet.
  7. Remove the safety grill and flush out the vessel.
  8. Thoroughly wash the whole screed pump externally and scrub all areas to remove screed contamination.
  9. The machine is now ready for the next use.

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