Easy steps for rolling up screed pipes

If you thought rolling up the screed pipes is no rocket science, we agree with you. But, it is often the seemingly obvious steps that tend to be taken for granted- and ultimately omitted. Believe us; following these simple steps will make the whole process of transporting the screed pump a lot easier and convenient than you thought it to be.

Correct method of rolling up screed pipes

  1. Ensure that you have plenty of rope handy.
  2. Tie a loop in the rope to assist in tying the pipe.
  3. Straighten out the screed pipe in readiness for rolling up.
  4. Make the first roll and tie the joint to the pipe.
  5. Continue to roll the pipe to ensure a neat and tidy manageable size.
  6. Tie the other joint to the rest of the pipe with a further piece of rope.

The pipe is now ready to transport from the site!

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