Procedure for the mixing of screed using a screed pump

The quality of a screed is highly reliant on the method of mixing of the screed. Force action mixing of screeds using screed pumps is proven to yield screed mixes that are clearly superior in quality and homogeneity as compared to the usual screed mixes produced using free fall mixers.

Given below are the steps to be followed for mixing the screed in a screed pump.

  1. Connect the water supply and run a hose to your water butt.
  2. Fill your water butt.
  3. Fill approximately the quarter of a 5 litre bucket.
  4. Add a handful of fibres to the 5 litre bucket to allow adequate dispersion.
  5. If using FlexiDry, add the correct dosage to the 5 litre bucket and allow dispersion.
  6. Check the screed operative is ready to start receiving the screed and at the ready with the tripod.
  7. Ensure communication is enabled to start, stop, adjust the mix, emergency stop, etc.
  8. Start the screed pump and engage the mixing blades.
  9. Load 50% of the sand.
  10. Add all cement.
  11. Add all the contents of the 5 litre bucket (water, fibres and FlexiDry).
  12. Add 100% of any single sized aggregate if required.
  13. Load the other 50% of the sand.
  14. Add further water if required to get the desired consistency.
  15. Close the vessel lid and lock into place.
  16. Close the air relief valve and engage the pump switch to send the material.
  17. Prepare the 5 litre bucket with water, fibres and FlexiDry in readiness for the next mix.
  18. Observe the pressure gauge to ensure the material is being delivered.
  19. Good pumping pressure is around 5 bar.
  20. Once the pressure comes back down to maybe 1 bar, switch the pump to neutral, release the pressure relief valve to empty the system of any compressed air, open the lid and start refilling the mix.
  21. Repeat as necessary.
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