How to locate and clear the blockage in a screed pipe

Blockages in the screed pipes is a common issue that has to be dealt with while using a screed pump. Though the entire procedure of clearing the blockage is quite simple, it is important to follow the safety precautions to carry out the procedure safely.

We have here a few tips on how to locate and clear the blockage in a screed pipe:

  1. The blockage in a screed pipe usually becomes evident when the pressure builds up on the gauge and the screed pipe stops moving.
  2. The line should be walked upon to determine the location. Walk on the pipe until it becomes soft. This is the location of the blockage.
  3. Disengage the sending switch; release all the compressed air with the air relief valve.
  4. Switch the machine off and disengage the blades.
  5. Disconnect the screed pipe at the desired location and shake the pipe to remove the blockage. Be careful of any pressurised air pockets in the pipe. Extra precaution to eyes should be established. A stubborn blockage may require some shaking and banging. Do not look up a pipe!
  6. Once removed, reconnect the pipe and safety pin.
  7. Switch the engine on, close the relief valve, engage the blades and switch the send button.
  8. Monitor the pressure gauge to confirm delivery.
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