Checklist for onsite supervision for screeding Tips 1 – 3

From the verification of the screed specification to the installation of the screed and the adoption of screed protection measures, a successful screeding project requires meticulous attention and supervision at every step. Given here is a screeding checklist that will be useful in verifying all the important aspects of screeding at the work site.

1. Screed Specification

  • Check the suitability of the screed specifications against the BS Code of Practice requirements, and seek specialist advice in case of differences. For specialist screeds make sure product data sheets are read in conjunction with BS8204 and BS8000.
  • Check that the soundness category specified is suitable for the specified flooring and for the expected traffic and load.

2. Inspection of Structural Base

  • Check the levels of the base substrate are suitable for achieving the specified minimum/maximum screed thickness.
  • Check that any services that need to be incorporated in the screed are adequately detailed and positioned, so as to avoid disruption of the screed at a later stage.

3. Base Preparation

  • Check that appropriate surface preparation is carried out depending on the type of screed construction.

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