Testing Service for Floor Screeding

We are very pleased to announce that we can now offer an impartial and independent screed testing service backed up by the real Screed Scientist at CSC Screeding.

Screed quality does not have to be left to chance. Applying a final floor finish to a screed that is only partially dry is really asking for it. To drive a MEWP (Mobile Electrical Working Platform) across floor screed that is not quite hard enough to avoid being crushed is something that we see on construction sites time and time again.

Basic screed failure and adherence to quality standards can all be verified with the appropriate screed testing methodologies. How many times have screeding contractors been called into repairing floor screed when just a little bit of common sense could have saved on unnecessary costs and disruption to project sequencing?

To determine the quality of your screed and when to take appropriate remedial actions are exactly what we had in mind when we were thinking about how to offer a screed testing service. To find out more please take a look at our screed testing service pages, and remember this is backed up by the real Screed Scientist.


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