Sample checklist for ensuring a screed pump is ready for use

Be it manual work or the use of machinery, it is always ideal to follow a set procedure to ensure higher productivity and improved efficiency. Given below is the standard procedure followed at CSC for ensuring the safe and efficient use of the screed pump:

  1. Visually inspect the screed pump for obvious faults.
  2. Check the engine oil by using the dip stick.
  3. Check the compressor oil whilst the engine is cold.
  4. Check the hydraulic oil by viewing the gauge whilst the engine is cold.
  5. Check the automatic grease lubrication bellow and top up as necessary.
  6. Check the mixing blades.
  7. Check the wear plates.
  8. Check the air intake in the neck of the mixing pot is clean.
  9. Check the vessel outlet is free of obstruction.
  10. Check the seal of the vessel lid and make sure it sits tight on the vessel pot when closed.
  11. Check the lid locks down correctly and is not worn.
  12. Check the air relief valve opens and closes.
  13. Check the air outlet pipe is clear and free of obstruction. The outlet should be full diameter to allow volume of air to pass through.
  14. Check the cam lever locks on the outlet pipe is properly closed.
  15. Ensure the mixing blades are switched to neutral.
  16. Engage the ignition switch and press the start button. Hold the start button in until fully running.
  17. Engage the mixing blades and check the safety grill works.
  18. Connect the screed pipes to the required location and add the tripod. Ensure safety pins are used and the pipes are visually inspected for imperfections. Any defective looking pipes should not be used and should be reported immediately.
  19. Secure the pipes at regular intervals to restrain and ensure the safety of others.
  20. All checks are now complete with the screed pump and lines.

Apart from this, it is also ideal to follow the practice of completing a daily or weekly screed pump inspection form. Also ensure any defects are reported immediately and refrain from using the machine.

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