Leading Edge Protection

The Screed Scientist is always on the lookout for examples of builders who really know their stuff. You can see it in the attention to details that others may overlook or deem too much hassle. So when we saw this fine example of screed leading edge protection, we had to show it to everyone.

The Screed Scientist says:

‘Leading Edge Protection! During a routine visit to one of our current projects, I was pleasantly surprised to see leading edge protection.The protection keeps the screed edge from breaking down under site traffic. Once we screed the remaining corridor, the joint will be straight and have a good, solid integrity. This considerably helps with the final floor finishing.Thank you Wates Construction Ltd for being a quality builder and taking pride in the construction process.”

Leading edge protection can be as simple as screwing two bits of chipboard together to cover a step or putting a plank of wood over the screed edge in a doorway. As long as the edge is completely covered it will be protected from damage from the bumps and scrapes that occur everyday on a site.

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