Industry Recognition

We are very pleased and honored to announce that the Screed Scientist initiative has gained some incredible attention. What started out as just a little bit of a frustration around the lack of awareness about best practices in our industry culminated in a reaction to put out some good stuff to help ourselves, our staff, our customers and our partners. We are delighted to see that it has suddenly picked up a momentum of its own.

Not only have we raced up the Google rankings but we have come to the attention of serious journal and magazines. We are proud to announce the fact that Tomorrow’s Flooring will be using our content as part of their initiative to reach out further into the architectural market. For Tomorrow’s Flooring good quality content is essential to brand and reputation. And, for us if we can stop just one major job going wrong, then we will know that we have made a difference not only to costs, and project deadlines but also done our small bit in helping to curb the carbon footprint that we are forced to leave behind.

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