Screed Usage Calculator

Screed Dosage, Sand and Cement Mix calculator

Flexidry Global have kindly allowed us to publish this calculator.   Provide the surface area of the screed to be laid down, the depth, the dry time and the mix. The calculator will provide values for sand, cement, fibres and quanties of Flexidry.

Dry times:

  • F0 = 3 days
  • F1 = 7 days
  • F2 = 14 days
  • F3 = 21 days


  • Please note this calculator is used for calculating FlexiDry dosage. Also the calculator is useful for cement and sand mix requirements.
  • Please note, we are working on improved calculators. The information that follows is guidance on screed types. (not what this calculator will assist with.)

Planning a screeding project, but unsure about the quantities of screed you will require? We have an easy screed calculation tool right here for you to help you draw up the estimates for your FlexiDry project.

Now before you get into the screed calculations, it is important to have an idea about the different screeding options that are available and choose the right floor screeding that suits your requirement, from the vast array of choices.

Free flowing Screeds:

These screeds are ideal for commercial and domestic buildings and are generally laid to level the floor surface before installing the final floor cover (linoleum, tiles, wood, carpet etc). These kinds of screeds are not suitable to be laid as the final wearing surface. Tarmac Truflow, Cemex Supaflow and Larfage Gyvlon are some of the commonly used free flowing screed brands.

Traditional screeds:

Traditional or standard screeds are used to obtain a defined level before laying the final floor finish. This can be used for all kinds of domestic and commercial buildings as well. However, these screeds take up to 110 days to dry completely, before taking on the final floor cover.

Accelerated Screeds / Fast drying Screeds:

These are the most commonly used kind of screeds these days owing to their ease of use and quick drying time. The various FlexiDry fast drying floor screeds include FlexiDry F0 with a drying time of just 3 days, FlexiDry F1 which dries in 7 days, FlexiDry F2 which takes 14 days and FlexiDry F3 which takes 21 days to dry. All these screeds make it possible to let light foot traffic proceed within 12 hours of installation.

Example calculator for FlexiDry:

Now, assuming that you have arrived at the kind of screed that you feel would be ideal for your project, i.e. FlexiDry, all you need to do is enter the dimensions, the required drying time and the kind of mix in the columns provided and you can calculate the estimated volume of screed in a jiffy!