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Is it Christmas already?? 2015 has absolutely sped by. Our mission to be informative, helpful and educational in all matters screeding,... We would like you to remember MIND. MIND = Make It No Danger. We will be writing more about the subject of Health & Safety and all matter screen in 2016.
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  Do You Know Your Relative Humidity?
  At first glance, relative humidity (RH) is a quite confusing topic. Since people use different terms such as moisture, vapour, water content, relative humidity, absolute humidity, actual humidity, specific humidity or just humidity to indicate how moist the air is......   What Affects Screed Drying Time?   All screed mixes contain more water in them than what is required to hydrate the cement. Just about 40-50% of the water added to a screed mix is used to hydrate the cement, whilst the remaining 50-60% takes up the role of making it workable.....
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