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A Practical Guide to Screed Testing: What Do the Experts Say?

At The Screed Scientist, providing information about screed testing has become one of our top priorities. Why? Simply because testing screeds is one of the few things screeders and builders can do to deliver a flawless substrate for a perfect, long-lasting floor.

A Practical Guide to Screed Testing

By downloading our guide, you’ll find out:

  • The five most common factors in screed failure and why you need to test for them;
  • What factors affect the curing and drying rate of screeds;
  • Which are the most accurate and reliable screed testing methods;
  • How to measure moisture content, surface regularity, departure from datum, and final strength of screeds accurately;
  • Why testing screeds can help prevent project delays;
  • How to proactively plan a top-down approach to each screeding project in order to get the right screed for the job.

By downloading your free copy of Why Screed Testing…, you will also find out how screed testing can help your organisation ensure compliance with project specifications and save valuable time and money.

Just fill out the form on the right and you will have our expert knowledge of screed testing at your fingertips. For additional information, we welcome you to visit our blogtipstesting, and screed care sections, or contact our friendly staff